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Halberg Design Inc.

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4100 Blv Matte
Brossard, QC J4Y 2Z2
Halberg Design Inc.
Specialized in industrial design (tool and machinery design), Halberg Design is a firm that offers the same state of the art expertise to both the large enterprise and the SME that wants to acquire customized equipment and machinery. Whether its for jigs, fixtures, dies or gauges design for the aerospace industry or for a consultation, designing and manufacturing of a special purpose machine, this business counts on two dynamic teams fueled by an innovation philosophy.

Counting on solid experience in the industry, it’s in 1987 that Marc Hallée and Peter Schoenberg decided to launch Halberg Design in an office in Brossard. The business quickly gained a reputation for excellence based on the quality of its work and on its constant growth throughout the years. Year after year, new employees were hired to the team and businesses such as Pratt & Withney Canada, G.E Hydro Canada, Messier-Dowty, Héroux, I.B.M Canada and many others added their names to the growing list of customers.

In 1989, the business acquired its first technological equipments with an investment totaling 200 000$ per workstation. This was only the beginning as between two to three millions of dollars had been invested in software, machinery and premium hardware used by the firms’ thirty employees since its launch.

Concerned to provide a complete turnkey concept adapted to the needs of its customers, Halberg Design bought Inge Automation in 1993, a business specialized in designing and manufacturing specialized machinery. Marc Hallée, president, explains «With this expansion, we can now operate both on the development of a simple concept and the full automation of a production line». In 1998, the company consolidated its operations with the construction of its building located in Brossard’s industrial park.

In February 2003, Halberg Design associated with Mésotec, a company from Sherbrooke, in order to better answer the needs of the American market. Since February 2006, Marc Hallée is the sole proprietor of the firm. Mr. Hallée concludes «Our vision is even stronger for we count on the strength of a complete and dynamic team that can answer the needs of other companies!

Business Segments

Tooling (range of operation)Industrial Design
The Halberg Design team designs all types of tools drawing regardless of the required level of complexity. The aeronautical parts in an airplane are complex and that’s why it is important to entrust their design to an efficient, dynamic and precise team. Large businesses such as Pratt & Whitney Canada, Héroux, Rolls Royce, G.E. Canada and Messier-Dowty are among our customers.
Machines designed by Halberg Design have enabled their customer to expand, consolidate and maximize their level of production. Whether its for the design of a structure’s drawing, to develop an idea, a design or a part, our team will offer you complete assistance as well as a verification service so that your company can achieve its project. With its expertise, its modern equipments and its experienced technicians, our firm is a first choice complement for your business!
MachineryEnergy (turbine)
With our expertise in industrial design and engineering, Halberg Design is able to offer custom machinery to its customers. If a machine doesn’t exist and a company wishes to invent it in order to increase productivity, we’re here to help!
This division of the company has created a number of turbine designs for the hydroelectric industry as well as designs for other wheel-motors. Machines designed by Halberg Design have also enabled industries to increase, consolidate and maximize the level of production.


Halberg Design offers a complete tool making service through its sister company Inge.

Halberg Design produces custom parts.

By leveraging on integration, our company is in a position to deliver the merchandise to its clientele in an effective and timely manner.

Once again, Halberg Design goes forward and brings additional services to its customers. With the recent acquisition of a three-dimensional printer, Halberg Design can offer prototyping services.

Why a prototype?

Prototyping a product is an important technique in all industries. Whether for a part you would like to check before machining it, for a model of your next architectural project or for a logo you wish to show to your colleagues, Halberg Design will realize your project. The principle of quick prototyping by stereo-lithographic method is very relevant to the development of a product or part. This includes a broad range of applications. The prototype can be used in the validation stage of a design. Indeed, it’s always useful to have a solid representation of the object we are trying to develop rather than a 2D drawing. Customers and colleagues will appreciate much more easily this concrete representation of your product. The prototype will also be used to control the quality of dimensions and other physical properties of the object. Since the representation is at scale, the size of the part and its possible frailties may be evaluated before even having to pay for manufacturing a part. Furthermore, since the prototype reproduces at 0.01 inches (0.25mm) closeness the real size of the object, we can study its compatibility in an existing system. To resume, a prototype realized by our company allows saving of both time and money while avoiding the creation of a prototype with real materials.

How can I obtain a prototype?

If the principle interests you, communicate with our company at the following email address: info@halbergdesign.ca

You will obtain all the necessary details for the production of your prototype at a fraction of the cost of a real sample
Visit our website: www.halbergdesign.ca
Halberg Design Inc. | 4100 Blv Matte Brossard, QC J4Y 2Z2 Canada | 450x-619x-1099
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