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Biokinetics and Associates Ltd.

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2470 Don Reid Dr
Biokinetics and Associates Ltd.

provides specialized consulting, test and evaluation services, and research-oriented products that focus on injury prevention. Our expertise extends across the military, police/corrections, sports and transportation fields. Since the company’s founding by James A. Newman in 1975, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the foremost authorities in life-threatening injury causation and prevention. Biokinetics works towards better product standards and evaluation methods to help ensure the effectiveness of emerging technologies. We have managed epidemiological studies, researched injury biomechanics and designed many different types of personal protective equipment. We remain on the leading edge of blast and ballistics survivability technologies and test methods.
Our Services
Biokinetics offers engineering consulting and laboratory testing services related to human injury prevention. Our services extend across military, law enforcement, correctional services, professional sports and land/air/sea transportation applications. Our experience in the sciences of injury mechanisms, threat loads and bodily response evaluation has resulted from decades of applied research. Whether it be studying the energy associated with an impact event, developing unique human impact simulation experiments or simply running tests to recognized industry standards for protective apparel, our diversified team is eager to help you solve your injury prevention challenges.

If your challenge is related to understanding and preventing human impact injury, we can help.

Our Products
Biokinetics offers a wide range of specialized testing equipment for evaluating the performance of protective products from helmets to body armor and even mouth guards. A variety of threats can be simulated in terms of mass, shape and energy to reproduce real world hazards or adhere to those described in recognized product performance standards. We can provide turnkey or custom solutions to meet your test equipment needs with proven designs and excellent technical support.

Our Capabilities
Biokinetics and Associates Ltd. combines a unique blend of engineering consulting, design, evaluation and testing capabilities related to human impact protection. Our specialized impact biomechanics and ballistic test laboratories compliment an array of injury biomechanics research and analysis programs. Our laboratories are also available to external clients for research, compliance and quality control programs.

Our biomechanical engineers have at their disposal state-of-the-art computer modeling and analysis tools to support many of the injury analysis and prevention programs. We maintain an extensive library on injury biomechanics, accident analysis, epidemiological studies, product standards and regulations collected for over three decades.

Our three laboratories include a wide range of custom-designed testing and evaluation equipment for low and high rate impact trauma studies. These include an array of drop towers, pneumatic rams and air cannons for biomechanical and blunt trauma studies, universal receivers and biofidelic human surrogates for ballistic studies, and a stab test apparatus for body armour. Instrumentation and measurement capabilities include a large range of multi-axis high bandwidth sensors (i.e. acceleration, velocity, displacement, strain, force, pressure), high-speed video (up to 100,000 fps) and custom sensors. Our helmet laboratory is equipped for international helmet performance standards including impact attenuation, penetration, roll-off, stability and retention system strength testing. These can be applied to aircrew, automotive racing, bicycle, military, law enforcement, equestrian, football, hockey, martial arts, motorcycle and riot head protection systems.

Biokinetics is further distinguished in its injury biomechanical analysis capabilities by the large selection of human surrogates available for blunt impact trauma, ballistics and blast research. Many of these systems have been designed and fabricated by Biokinetics for use in specific research programs and in support of standards development efforts.

Biokinetics maintains a secure storage facility and is registered for the transfer of sensitive materials with the Canadian Controlled Goods Program. We are committed to ISO quality practices to ensure that our equipment and your data are reliable and accurate.

Visit our website: biokinetics.com
Biokinetics and Associates Ltd. | 2470 Don Reid Dr OTTAWA, ON K1H 1E1 Canada | 613x-736x-0384
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