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Carleton University

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1125 Colonel By Drive
3010 Minto Centre
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
Carleton University

The engineering and design professions are engines of economic growth and social change. Through the introduction of new products and technological innovations, Carleton University researchers and graduates continue to improve our standard of living. Carleton’s program offerings grow and adapt to the changing needs of society so that our graduates have the knowledge and skills to shape the future.

Throughout its history, Carleton’s Faculty of Engineering and Design has focused on educational and research opportunities that emerge from and anticipate the changing needs of society. Pioneering initiatives—including the first programs in aerospace engineering and communications engineering in the nation—put Carleton graduates and researchers at the leading edge of emerging industries, and ahead of the curve in scientific thought. Our faculty has long enjoyed the confidence and support of government and industry for the high-quality and relevance of our programs, and for our ability to meet future needs first.

As one of the nation’s leading institutions in the study and research of engineering, architecture, industrial design, and information technology, Carleton’s comprehensive platform of programs provides students with an environment that is challenging, diverse and flexible.

The Faculty of Engineering and Designis comprised of the School of Industrial Design, the School of Information Technology, the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism and four engineering departments: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electronics, Systems and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Software engineering students use model-based methods to create advanced software applications, like controllers for the robot. By integrating expertise from different fields, students can apply their learning to large-scale applications such as problems in manufacturing or traffic.
Access to one of the only campus clean rooms in Canada gives Carleton students firsthand experience in fabricating semiconductor devices for biomedical, telecommunication and renewable energy applications.

Visit our website: www.carleton.ca/engineering-design/
Carleton University | 1125 Colonel By Drive 3010 Minto Centre Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6 Canada | 613x-520x-2600
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