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What is the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers?

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is a member-interest, advocacy organization, created jointly by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and the Canadian Society of Professional Engineers (CSPE). The Society is the result of a two-year process to separate regulatory and non-regulatory affairs for the profession, culminating in a referendum of PEO members that found 80 percent support for starting a separate advocacy organization.

The Society became a legal entity in April 2000. As approved in the PEO referendum, and subsequently by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, PEO assisted the Society financially for its first three years of operation (beginning December 2000), made possible by a $30 increase in PEO's licensing fee. On January 1, 2004, flow-through funding from PEO ceased.


There has long been a segment of the profession in Ontario who feel strongly that engineers need an organization primarily concerned with promoting their professional and economic interests, and acting as a stronger public voice for the profession. PEO, a regulatory body that exists mainly to protect the public interest, is quite limited in what it can do in terms of advocacy, particularly on economic or 'turf' issues. As a separate organization with no regulatory role, the Society is able to take a stronger and more vocal stance on issues of importance to its members.


OSPE promotes and supports excellence in all aspects of engineering by:
  • Enhancing the professional recognition of Ontario's engineers by advocating to governments and employers;
  • Increasing the public profile of Ontario's engineers by initiating proactive communications programs;
  • Advancing the economic interests of Ontario's engineers by offering exemplary continuing education, career advancement and affinity programs.
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